London Luton Airport

London Luton – New AGL & Stand Installation Project

As the aviation industry starts to recover from past global events, we see passenger numbers beginning to climb with some airports already forecasting to be pre-pandemic levels being met or surpassed. This is terrific news, and now the industry can …
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farnborough airport

Farnborough Airport – New Hangar and taxiways

Following substantial planning and redevelopment, in 2003 Farnborough became a fully compliant CAA airport. But to achieve this there had to be some major investment in the site. One of the projects that had to be undertaken prior to this …
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Airfield controller in control tower

ALCMS bypass project begins at Heathrow

In the event of AGL system failure, with the current lighting control system at Heathrow Airport the contingency process relies on manual attendance by the engineering team to each of the 14 substations to hand switch equipment. From mobilisation, it …
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On our travels once again

After 2 years of lockdowns and conducting business via telephone and video conference calls, travel restrictions are now being lifted in many places around the globe. The aviation market was certainly hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and is now …
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ALCMS for Heathrow Airport

With an increasing forecast for passenger numbers and a growing demand from airline customers, airports are now dealing with new tough challenges. Air traffic management requirements and environmental regulations, now urge airports to continuously adapt and improve its infrastructure and …
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LED airfield lighting upgrade for Donegal Airport

Until the mid-1980’s the runway at Donegal in the northwest of Ireland was a grass landing strip. This was subsequently replaced with a hard surface runway, and operations started to take off in 1986. Since then the airport has expanded …
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