LED airfield lighting upgrade for Donegal Airport

Until the mid-1980’s the runway at Donegal in the northwest of Ireland was a grass landing strip. This was subsequently replaced with a hard surface runway, and operations started to take off in 1986. Since then the airport has expanded …
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What does the halogen lamp ban mean for airfield lighting?

The end of halogen lamps spells brighter and cleaner future ??? Halogen lamps are due to be banned from September 2021 with fluorescent lamps soon to follow, all with the drive to cut emissions and reduce energy consumption. The UK …
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atg airports installing papi lights

atg Expand Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) for Maiquetia Airport

While airports and airlines are struggling to maintain operational services for their customers, it has been an opportunity for some airports to complete airfield lighting upgrade and maintenance works. Due to a considerable reduction in aircraft movements around the airfields …
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led runway light close up

Airfield Lighting Upgrade in Malta

Malta’s geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean has historically been of great strategic value for traders and merchants. Due to this, the airport has seen significant growth and expansion of the facilities over the years, highlighting its progress in …
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