The aviation industry is subject to many national and international codes, all of which ensure high standards particularly of aircraft, crew and passenger safety.

ATG Airports work hard to ensure that we keep up to date with any newly introduced or updated regulations, so that our airfield lighting products meet and exceed the mandated standards.

On this page we have listed some of those industry standards. You can check the downloadable data sheet of each product on our website for a full list of compliance, or just ask if anything is unclear.

CASA MOS Part 139

Part 139 of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Manual of Standards sets out the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) for aerodromes with published instrument flight procedures.

This includes aerodrome facilities, safety management, operational procedures and obstacle control, as well as further amendments under consideration to add runway condition reporting and friction testing standards.

ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1

The International Civil Aviation Organization Standards and Recommended Practices for aerodrome design and operations, covering the physical characteristics and obstacle limitation surfaces to be provided.

ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1 notes that future aircraft may require additional safeguards not currently outlined in the Annex, and suggests that individual aerodromes should assess and take any necessary actions to ensure the safety of such aircraft.

FAA AC 150/5345-28

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory Circular for Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Systems outlines the requirements of PAPI lighting for aircraft approaching landing with visual glideslope guidance.

Updated specifications come into force six months after the date of issue of the relevant AC and are indicated by the addition of a letter to the end of the number. As of the start of 2023, the most recent edition is FAA AC 150/5345-28H, which was published in July 2019.

FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

FAA Engineering Brief No. 67D dates from March 2012 and works alongside AC 150/5345-53, which sets out the certification applied to airport lighting equipment.

In particular, FAA EB No. 67D addresses “light sources other than incandescent and xenon”. This includes, for example, minimum and maximum intensity ratios and dimming curves for LED airfield lights, as well as definitions of the characteristics of aviation white, green, blue, yellow and red lamps.

IEC 61827

IEC 61827 is shorthand for the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Specification 61827:2004, ‘Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes – Characteristics of inset and elevated luminaires used on aerodromes and heliports’.

IEC TS 61827:2004 outlines both the requirements for inset and elevated lamps in aerodrome ground lighting systems, and also the testing procedures that should be followed. It does not apply to general lighting luminaires installed on airfields.


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency publishes regulations for all aspects of aviation, including airfield runways, apron and ground operations. The Easy Access Rules for Aerodromes (Regulation (EU) No 139/2014) summarise these.

Chapter M in particular covers “visual aids for navigation” including inset and elevated runway lights, frangible light fixtures and the ability to turn down the brightness of high-intensity airfield lighting when appropriate for visibility conditions.


NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAGs) are an agreement between NATO member states to implement common standards. STANAG 3316 covers airfield lighting and the current regulations are Edition 11, published in June 2018.

STANAG 3316 includes the NATO Allied Standard AATMP-07 and is particularly relevant for military-operated airfields located in participating NATO countries.

Future Standards

As aircraft characteristics evolve and industry standards are updated, we will continue to ensure our products meet the prevailing requirements of countries and international organisations around the world.

For more information about any industry standard not already listed here, or to check the compliance of a specific product, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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