Apron and Taxiway Edge Lighting

atg airports offer a range of airfield lighting solutions including apron and taxiway edge lighting, compliant to all the latest standards.  Click on an image below for more information about specific types and models of airfield taxiway lighting.

Movement around the taxiways and aprons can be achieved more safely due to the many different lighting applications that are available to the airport.

Taxiway edge lighting fixtures, blue in color, can be utilised on all taxiways where centreline lighting is not provided.

Edge lighting can also be installed to denote the limits of aprons, parking areas, hard standings, servicing areas and other designated paved areas. Generally, this type of lighting would be elevated, but where manoeuvring is difficult it is likely to be inset.

Atg airports manufactures both inset and elevated fixtures using tungsten halogen or LED’s as the main light source.


LED Apron and Taxiway Edge Lighting Range


The IR852T is an Omni-directional taxiway and apron edge fixture suitable for CAT III all weather operation airfield ground lighting (AGL) systems.


The IR861T is an Omni-directional taxiway and apron edge fitting suitable for CAT III all weather operation airfield ground lighting (AGL) systems.


The IR852ML is an omnidirectional Fully Flush LED inset light fixture that is used to guide aircraft on to the parking stand.

Tungsten Halogen Apron and Taxiway Edge Lighting Range


Taxiway Apron Edge



The ZA292 is a Omni-directional inset fitting for Taxiway and apron edge applications.



Inset Taxiway Edge, Apron Edge



Inset Taxiway Centreline & Stopbar

Apron and Taxiway Edge Lighting FAQs

What colour are apron lights?

Apron edge lights provide a blue light around the edge of the apron to indicate the end of the hard standing. The comply to the same standards in ICAO as would the taxiway edge light.

What is the difference between taxiway edge and apron lighting?

The fixture used on a taxiway edge lighting circuit or an apron lighting circuit are the same in type. Both provide a blue light indicating the edge of the taxiway or the edge of the hard standing of an apron.

Are taxiway edge lights omnidirectional?

The light omitted from a taxiway edge light is an omnidirectional fixture.

What are the design considerations for installation of taxiway edge lighting?

Where taxiway edge lighting is to be used the criteria for the spacing between each installed fixtures is dependent on whether they are to be located on a straight section of taxiway or on a curve. Full details on how to calculate the spacing requirements can be found in ICAO Annex 14.

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