Keeping your airfield assets in good working order

As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of airfield ground lighting products, atg airports understands that overtime equipment needs to be maintained or repaired.  Regular preventive maintenance can improve the availability of equipment and possibly extend the lifespan. However, this alone does not eliminate downtime or the risk of equipment failure.

Our spares support service gives access to large number of spare parts and airfield lighting fixtures, taxiway guidance signs, constant current regulators and other lighting applications. Alongside this, our spares team has a range of other single item products available: isolating transformers, seating pots, adaptor plates, cable joint kits, airfield lamps and a range of other ancillary equipment required to maintain the operational requirements of your circuits.

The support teams provide the help and assistance you need to identify your exact requirements and to ensure that your assets are kept in good working order.  We encourage the replacement of faulty components with genuine spare part replacements that performs to the standards you expect. This maintains your compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements and extends the lifespan of your products, minimising your upkeep costs moving forward.

Contact us using the form below to enquire about our airfield lighting spare parts. Alternatively, call our head office if you require urgent assistance. Our airfield lighting specialists are here to help.

Quantas airplane

Spare parts range

Airfield Lamps

Filters and clamps

Prisms and Lenses

Gaskets and Seals

12 inch base

12" Seating Pot

8" Seating Pot

Adaptor Rings

Base Plates

Primary and Secondary Cable

Isolating Transformers

Connector Kits

Mounting Brackets

Tri-foot Mounting Base

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