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在atg机场,我们专注于在新加坡以及全球范围内提供机场照明解决方案。 我们独特的方法旨在提供端到端服务,确保从设计流程到实施甚至维护的满意度。 我们全系列的机场解决方案包括照明,控制系统,电源和交钥匙解决方案。 由于我们在全球范围内工作并在新加坡开展了许多备受瞩目的机场项目。 我们提供创新的解决方案,利用独特的技术,旨在为每个项目提供服务,无论其复杂程度或任何可能的限制。 我们在新加坡各地开展了各种机场照明项目,并且从开始到结束都很舒服地提供成品。

Bespoke solutions and systems

Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions

ATG airports are one of the world’s leading airfield lighting specialists, manufacturing runway and taxiway fixtures.

Airfield control systems

Airfield control systems

From a simple system controlling a single runway to the complex multi-runway operation of a major international airport.

Power solutions

Power solutions

ATG airports Micro Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) are recognised as one of the most advanced products on the market.

Due to our vast experience in the field of airfield solutions we are able to execute each project to the highest of standards. Our range includes runway lighting, taxiway lighting, approach and papi lighting, as well as taxiway guidance signs, all of which can be made unique and bespoke based on our clients’ requirements. We work on projects of all sizes so whether it’s a project that requires months of development or something less time-consuming, we can make it work. Our lighting solutions are delivered globally, which gives us an excellent idea of how each market works and how they all differ from one another. All of our products can be customised to fit any type of project, which allows us to deliver solutions to the highest possible standard. If you are looking for airfield lighting solutions developed to a high level of perfection, consider atg airports, we understand our clients’ needs and work tirelessly to deliver an incredible product that meets them.

We also offer a wide range of control systems, designed to complement our airfield lighting solutions and offer smooth control of our various products. Our range of Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems ALCMS and Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control Systems A-SMGCS are designed with ground-breaking technology. We always strive to improve our products in order to offer our clients the best possible airfield lighting solutions currently on the market, it’s important for us to constantly expand our range by following latest trends and improving our products with latest technological advancements. Our control systems are therefore constantly improved to offer incredible performance and ensure that they are suitable for any type of project that comes our way. Due to the fact that we work on a wide variety of unique airfield lighting projects, it is crucial for us to offer a product that can be customised and work well within any setting.

Our power solutions are designed to work with our range of airfield lighting products. We specialise in CCRs used for airfield lighting, all of which offer excellent performance and are designed with our clients’ requirements in mind. Having worked on various airfield lighting projects throughout the years, we have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. This allows us to constantly improve our products and ensures that we only offer power solutions that are proven to work. At atg airports, our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. By offering high quality solutions that are proven to work, we are able to ensure that each project is carried out to the highest of standards. Each of our power solutions is compatible with the various products that we offer and can be used within any project. If you are looking for airfield lighting power solutions that work, consider atg airports and experience performance like never before.

Due to the fact that we want to offer an end-to-end service that our clients are happy with from start to finish, we also offer a wide range of turnkey solutions. By overlooking everything from the design process to development and delivery, we are able to offer a fully rounded service that guarantees satisfaction. It is very important for us to offer our clients a service that gives them peace of mind and ensures that they are supported every step of the way. At atg airports, we take pride in our work, which is why we are constantly looking for way to improve our service. If you are looking for high quality airfield lighting solutions, consider atg airports and let us help you. Browse through our vast portfolio of past projects today and see for yourself just what exactly we are capable of doing.

A full suite of turnkey solutions in one place

Strategy, manufacture, design, supply, implementation and maintenance, all managed by one stable contractor.

Design & build

To help you make the most of your land and equipment, our AGL designers use the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling to produce detailed conceptual designs.

Planning & installation

To help you make the most of your land and equipment, our AGL designers use the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling to produce detailed conceptual designs.

Full AGL design

You will be well-placed to make informed decisions because our experienced team will unearth all the potential obstacles during the design process well before any work begins.

AGL civil works

You can trust our engineers to work safely and effectively. We fit seamlessly into your own processes, our team follows Health and Safety and Quality procedures.

Facilities management

Maximise your options and existing assets with detailed surveys and methodologies to help you make an informed decision.

24/7 maintenance

From inspections, fault finding and surveys through to cleaning and maintenance, we protect your investment and free your team from day-to-day management.

About atg airports

Helping you to meet your needs as they evolve

By drawing on our world-wide experience in high-profile AGL lighting projects, atg airports can help you to overcome complex challenges and achieve programme targets. To give you peace of mind at every juncture, we offer a fully managed, turnkey service. Our clients are able to optimize projects and costs.

  • Directly employed specialists for a stable workforce
  • Culture of risk free, incident free
  • Training to the highest standards and procedures

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With excellent project management and site supervision, atg delivered the project on time and within budget. Throughout we witnessed excellent co-operation with all the whole atg team.

Keith Robson
Airside Projects Leader, Gatwick Airport

Your London Airport Gatwick
McConnell Dowell Creative Construction
Birmingham Airport

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ATG Airports is a leading global airfield lighting specialist offering design through to supply, installation or simply maintenance of an existing system. Get in touch to find out more about our range of products and services.

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