Kami menawarkan penyelesaian pencahayaan lapangan terbang di Malaysia, di seluruh dunia.

Di sini di lapangan terbang kami menawarkan pelbagai penyelesaian lapangan udara yang berkualiti tinggi di Malaysia. Kami mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam pelbagai projek di seluruh dunia, sebab itulah kami yakin dengan kebolehan kami dan menyampaikan pendekatan akhir-ke-akhir yang memastikan kepuasan penuh dari awal hingga akhir. Kami menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan termasuk penyelesaian pencahayaan lapangan terbang, sistem kawalan, kuasa dan penyelesaian turnkey. Kami memahami bahawa setiap projek adalah unik dan melakukan yang terbaik untuk mencerminkannya dalam kerja kami dengan bekerja rapat dengan pelanggan kami dan mengembangkan strategi penuh yang berfungsi. Dalam portfolio kami yang luas, kami mempunyai beberapa projek pencahayaan lapangan terbang di Malaysia, yang semuanya telah dibangunkan sepenuhnya oleh kami, bekerja rapat dengan pelanggan kami untuk memenuhi keperluan. Kami menawarkan pelbagai produk berkualiti tinggi di Malaysia, dan dapat mengembangkan dan menyampaikan strategi penuh untuk semua jenis projek.

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Airfield Lighting

Due to our vast experience in the field of airfield solutions, we are able to customise each product to fit the requirement of each individual project. Our extensive range of airfield lighting solutions is designed to the highest of standards. Our range includes runway lighting, taxiway lighting, approach and papi lighting, as well as taxiway guidance signs. Whether it’s a complex project that requires months of preparation and development, or something slightly more straightforward, we will do our best to execute the project to the highest standard possible. We deliver lighting solutions globally, and have worked on a number of unique projects across the world. We take pride in only using high quality products that offer incredible performance. By collaborating with you and meeting your individual requirements, we are able to create fully developed strategies that work. Each and every project is looked after by our team of experts in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Airfield Power Solutions

Our power solutions are also designed to the highest of standards. We specialise in CCRs used for airfield lighting, all of which can be used within any type of project. Due to our vast experience in the industry, we understand that every single project is unique in nature. This is why we offer solutions that can be customised to working within any project but are also suitable as standalone products that can be purchased as a replacement. We understand our clients’ needs, which is why we have spent years developing products that can work within any project regardless of its complexity or any restrictions. Our airfield and runway constant current regulators guarantee incredible performance that lasts. At atg airports, quality is our main priority and making sure that our clients are satisfied with the finished product is crucial. Our vast portfolio includes numerous projects that use our various power solutions, so if you are interested in finding our more about how we can make them work within your project, simply browse through our case studies and see for yourself what we can achieve.

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Airfield Lighting Control Systems

We offer a variety of control systems design to complement our various products. Our range of Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems ALCMS and Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control Systems A-SMGCS are designed with the latest technology and offer excellent performance. Our control systems guarantee smooth control of our airfield lighting solutions and ensure that our clients are given the peace of mind they deserve. We take pride in only offering products that have been tried and tested in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. Developing a project is only a small part of the picture, as we want to ensure our clients will be satisfied with our work for years to come. This is why our control systems are designed to last and offer incredible performance whilst being easy to use. If you are looking for airfield lighting solutions that are proven to work, consider atg airports, where quality is our top priority. We strive to constantly improve our products by listening to our clients and following latest trends in order to expand our range and improve our existing products.

Turnkey Solutions

atg offer a full range of turnkey solutions, designed to ensure that each and every project runs smoothly from start to finish. We overlook everything from the design process to development and ongoing maintenance. Our end-to-end approach guarantees full satisfaction and ensures that all areas are covered. If you are looking for high quality airfield lighting solutions, consider atg airports where quality is our top priority. Regardless of the complexity of your project, we can help you by offering an excellent service that is proven to work. Consider us today and get in touch to get the ball rolling – it couldn’t be easier.



To help you make the most of your land and equipment, our AGL designers use the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling to produce detailed conceptual designs.

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You will be well-placed to make informed decisions because our experienced team will unearth all the potential obstacles during the design process well before any work begins.

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Maximise your options and existing assets with detailed surveys and methodologies to help you make an informed decision.

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You can rely on us for all civil, builders and construction groundworks needed for your AGL installation coordinated by one experienced contractor.

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You can trust our engineers to work safely and effectively. We fit seamlessly into your own processes, our team follows Health and Safety and Quality procedures.

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From inspections, fault finding and surveys through to cleaning and maintenance, we protect your investment and free your team from day-to-day management.

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