At atg airports we receive multiple requests for the supply of taxiway guidance signs, that come in many different formats. Some documents are hand written sketches, while others can be drawn by project engineers to a very precise dimension. However, with no standard way to present the requirements, information received can be inaccurate, leading to delays, with the provision of quotations, or extended lead times for the manufacturing process.

Product Information

To assist in the reduction of errors, and the time required by you to draw the sign facias, along with compliance to international standards, atg airports have provided specialised airfield sign configuration software. This will allow you to draw the taxiway guidance signs that are required for your airfield project, in an accurate and streamlined manner.

Verifying compliance with international standards can be a time-consuming task even for experienced designers, and the in-house cost of this can be significant. By utilising the drawing software, which contains all measurements used for characters, symbols and spacing, a fully compliant sign fascia can be created, quite easily,  for many different standards around the world including ICAO, TP312, Mos139.

Once the design of the airfield sign facias are complete, a drawing replicating the requirements for either single, or double sided signs will be generated and forwarded to your email address. Not only will the drawing show the information you have requested, it will indicate the appropriate size of airfield sign box from the IR858I range of airfield signs. It will also identify the number of legs that are required, according to our recommendations, and the power requirement of the isolating transformer, assuming no extended secondary leads that may be required. This information will prove to be useful for the completion of a project design from an electrical and civil construction  perspective.

It is also possible to select all options that are available for this sign, from fixed or variable brilliancy, 6.6 amp supply from a series circuit or 110/220v, along with power isolators and bird deterrent requirements. Most options are identified on the data sheet.

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