Designed with the future in mind, the SmartControl system provides a complete solution for the control and monitoring of airfield lighting services used to guide aircraft the safest and fastest way around an airfield, resulting in increased efficiency and increased profitability for the airport.

The SmartControl suite of systems is the first choice for customers on account of its functionality, flexibility and reliability.

This AGL control system is in use on all five continents. It has been proven at major airports in the UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and is more than capable of handling the size and complexity of the largest airports across the world.

atg airports is the market leader in database re-configurable AGL control systems. SmartControl can grow and develop with your airport without the need for costly software changes. Configuration change tools are provided with the system as standard

The system is based upon open architecture and compatible with a wide range of field switching and monitoring technologies, including transformer switching Unit, SmartSwitch and SmartMonitor

The SmartControl product has been developed over a number of years and is based on industrial components including Workstations, PLC and Industrial Ethernet equipment. All of these components, together with touchscreen interfaces and the unique SmartControl software provides a state of the art Airfield Lighting Control System.

SmartControl is specifically designed for use as an AGL Control system, with the core of its software been written to work in a safety critical manner for Airfields.

The SmartControl system has been designed to be expandable and includes tools necessary for configuration of the system database and the operator screens. The incorporation of a configuration database within the system to manage the configuration and maintenance statistics makes SmartControl a leading edge product.


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