The Modular Control System is a push button, hardwire system which has controlled airfields both RAF and Naval, in the UK and at overseas bases. Previously the Modular Control System has also been in use at some civil airports, but the majority of these have now been converted to SmartControl.

During the lifespan of the Modular Control System, also known as MCS, it has undergone many changes, and atg airports, working in conjunction with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation have been responsible to liaise with individual air stations and ensure that the various systems have been upgraded to the latest MkIV standard.

One feature of this standardisation includes for the control of constant current regulators (CCR) to power taxiway circuits whereas previously this was achieved by the use of a ‘D22 contactor unit’ and a Transformer Mains Supply Electronic (TMSE).

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There has been an increase in the number of ‘active mimics’ being connected to the system which allows for the operator to clearly see the airfield layout and the lighting pattern selected. From an operator’s perspective this is easier to understand than that of the standard lighting control push button desk.

Control of traffic lights that are on runway / taxiway crossings, along with RHAG markers is also achieved through the same control equipment. True back indication for these critical lighting systems are achieved by the use of a D20 unit.

Net Barriers are located at the end of some runways and are used in an emergency for smaller aircraft. The raising and lower of this equipment is once again achieved through various interlocks within the MCS to ensure that an incorrect signal cannot raise the barriers inadvertently.

Communicating around the airfield ring to each of the substations, is generally achieved by the use of telemetry signals being transmitted along a pair of wires. But again, new technologies have crept in and where there is fibre between these substations this can now be utilised as the transmission media.

The control modules and mounting frames that are used within the MCS system are readily available or can be manufactured to order by atg airports engineering team. Information regarding servicing, and urgent response callout, for control system failures is available upon request. For further details on this and any other aspect of the MCS and associated equipment’s contact should be made through the form below.

In the event of urgent response being required to resolve technical matters on the system, contact should be made directly with the head office by phone, and not through this page.

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