Representing the latest development of the Smart suite of control system products, the SmartMIni has been specifically designed for airports with lower traffic volumes that seek a creative yet practical solution to complex airport and airfield challenges. 

The SmartMini system was developed in response to customers’ demands for much-needed space-saving devices, This system is stand alone, and it can be installed in the visual control room in a self-contained cubicle that allows access to a touch screen for the operators, and also access for engineering teams to the hardware when required. Alternatively the hardware can be installed in the plant room/substation with just a touch screen being installed in the Visual Control Room (VCR).

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Normally this system is designed for airports that have a single substation, where the CCR’s are installed, co-located with the air traffic control building. 

The stand-alone standard system is able to control up to 12 constant current regulators that uses hard wire for control and monitoring. However, if TCP/IP ethernet protocol or Profibus communications is used then the system has the capability for the connection of 24 CCR’s. 

Although the SmartMini is a standard product, there is plenty of flexibility in its design; therefore it can be configured to control additional equipment if required. The system is a descendant of ‘SmartControl’ and subsequently benefits from its development of hardware design and the core software that is utilised.

As the airport expands, and requirements for control of additional equipment becomes a necessity, the SmartMini can be expanded accordingly. New control positions, additional substations configured onto the network, maintenance screens, contingency VCR or intelligent field switching all can be added.

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