Runway Edge Lighting

Threshold / End Lighting

Threshold Lighting

Runway End Lighting

Outer Threshold Lighting

Runway Lighting

Medium intensity LED runway lightning products.

Medium intensity can be defined as a 3-stage lighting system suitable for non-instrument runways or non-precision approach runways. There are several applications and these are detailed below:

Runway Edge – Omni-directional

Lights are positioned along or just beyond the edges of the runway and are white subject to certain specific exceptions. These fixtures are either inset or elevated type.

Runway Edge – Bi-directional

Similar to that of the omni-direction in as the lights are positioned along the edge of the runway. However, there is no circular guidance aspect to these lights they can only be seen when in line with the runway. This type of fixture is inset into the pavement.

Threshold Lights

These are installed in a line along the landing threshold at the approach end of the runway. Green in colour they are only visible when on approach. These can either be elevated, or inset fixtures.

Runway End Lights

Red in colour they are installed in a line along the end of the runway available in use. They are red and can only be seen at either end of the runway. These can either be elevated, or inset fittings, and generally powered from the runway edge circuit

Runway threshold/end lights

This is a combination of the threshold and runway end lights in a single fixture. They are green in one direction, and red in the other direction.

All the fixtures for this system are powered by 6.6amp circuit supplied by a constant current regulator. A simple control system can be used to operate the lighting, but it is common that this is linked to a ARCAL system so that the pilot can activate the lighting when on approach

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