We offer lighting solutions for airports in Thailand as well as around the world.

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Airfield Lighting

Our airfield lighting solutions can be customised to fit any type of project. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the most reliable airfield solutions on the market. Our lighting range includes runway, taxiway, approach and papi lighting, as well as taxiway guidance signs. Our vast experience in the field of airfield solutions allows us to constantly grow and expand whilst developing new technologies that allow us to expand our offerings. With each project overlooked by a team of airfield lighting experts, we are able to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We work on a variety of unique projects that different greatly from one another. From complex project that requires months of preparation to one-off jobs that are less time-consuming and more straightforward, at atg airports we’re able to create a fully developed strategy regardless of the project’s size. If you are looking for airfield lighting experts, you’re in the right place. We guarantee full satisfaction and promise a high standard finish that you deserve.

Airfield Power Solutions

Designed to complement our lighting products, the range contains various solutions suitable for a number of different uses. Our CCRs used for airfield lighting offer excellent performance and can be used with any type of project. By working with our customers and following trends, we were able to develop a number of power solutions. We pride ourselves in only offering products that have been tried and tested, which is why we are constantly able to improve our range and expand our offerings. We believe that in order to offer our customers the best products on the market we must constantly improve by remaining on top of latest industry trends and creating solutions that deliver. Here at atg airports we offer a fully rounded service that includes power solutions, which can be used within any project regardless of its complexity, size or type. This is why we are one of the leading global airfield lighting solutions providers and we continue to expand our products as we explore the industry further.

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Airfield Lighting Control Systems

Our full range of quality Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems ALCMS and Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control Systems A-SMGCS, offer ease of use and guarantee excellent performance. Our control systems offer excellent performance and allow for smooth control of our various airfield lighting products. By working closely with our clients, we were able to develop a product that’s proven to work. It’s crucial for us to take advantage of latest technology advancements in order to further our products, improve their performance and expand our range. We carry out each project to the highest standard possible, and by doing so ensure all of our clients are fully satisfied with the service that we provide. If you are looking for airfield lighting control solutions, browse through our range of products and consider us for your project. Our portfolio can give you a better idea of just what we are capable of when it comes to airfield lighting solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

We also offer a full range of turnkey solutions, designed to give you peace of mind whilst we ensure that your project runs smoothly. By overlooking everything from the design process to delivery, we are able to offer a fully rounded service that works on every level and guarantees excellent results. At atg airports, we offer a variety of airfield lighting solutions across the globe. If you are interested in working with us, contact us today to get the ball rolling. Don’t forget to browse through our vast portfolio of past projects to see just what we are capable of doing.



To help you make the most of your land and equipment, our AGL designers use the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling to produce detailed conceptual designs.

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You will be well-placed to make informed decisions because our experienced team will unearth all the potential obstacles during the design process well before any work begins.

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Maximise your options and existing assets with detailed surveys and methodologies to help you make an informed decision.

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You can rely on us for all civil, builders and construction groundworks needed for your AGL installation coordinated by one experienced contractor.

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You can trust our engineers to work safely and effectively. We fit seamlessly into your own processes, our team follows Health and Safety and Quality procedures.

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From inspections, fault finding and surveys through to cleaning and maintenance, we protect your investment and free your team from day-to-day management.

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