St Helena Airport

St Helena Airport – Shining a light on this beautiful location

atg airport’s involvement in this groundbreaking project has helped make a real difference to the lives of St Helena’s 5,000 inhabitants, because for the first time in the island’s history, it now has it’s own airport.

Building an airport on an Island in the South Atlantic, over 1900 miles north of Cape Town, has some unusual challenges so Thales ATM (the project coordinators) were looking for a partner who they knew they could rely on to go the extra mile!

We don’t just go the extra mile though – we move mountains too!

Not only did we supply and ship our own products for the entire airfield ground lighting (AGL), we also had to deal with the removal and re-siting of 7.6 million cubic metres of mountainside in order to create the runway space.

Working as part of a wider team and liaising closely with our counterparts to make sure that the overall project achieved it’s deadlines. We supplied and installed over 200 atg light fittings, taxiway guidance signs, spare parts, cabling and a Smart Control System.

We also supplied over 5km of primary agl cable in various colours.

The project was completed on time and on budget. The airport has undergone initial test flights. We at atg airports are understandably proud of the critical role we played in helping connect St Helena to the world of international air travel.


St Helena, South Africa
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