atg airports Clearway signs are divided into two categories, namely Mandatory Signs and Information Signs. The signs use cutting edge LED technology to improve luminance and ease of reading. At the same time, they significantly reduce energy costs consumption and maintenance costs to lower your financial and environmental impact.

Mandatory Signs
White characters on a red background are used to advise pilots (and vehicle drivers) of an airfield location beyond which they must not proceed unless authorised by air traffic control.

Information Signs
Yellow characters on a black background (location signs) or black characters on a yellow background (destination signs) are used to provide additional guidance to pilots manoeuvring aircraft on the ground.

Rhag Markers
These are used in military applications. This sign indicates the position of the arrestor cable across the runway.

Stand Number Indicator Boards
As an addition to the range of signs available, Stand Number Indicator Boards are also manufactured in our workshop and meet similar criteria to standard signs.

Illuminated Runway Distance Markers indicate the distance to the end of the active runway to the pilot. The units are available as a single sided or double sided sign.

Double Sided Signs
Double sided illuminated signs are also available in the clearwaytm range. The signs are incorporated into a single framework and for continuity between the two types of signs the same fascia extrusion and fixing methods are utilised.

Extend the life of an existing Clearway sign using our retrofit kit. The kit is fitted to Clearway signs of any size that use either tungsten halogen, fluorescent or cold cathode technology. Once converted, the sign will achieve the same efficiency benefits of LED signs.