Bristol international Airport England

Complete AGL Runway & Taxiway Rewire

At Bristol Airport, in addition to the resurfacing work requirements, a complete rewire of the Airfield Ground Lighting system on the runway and taxiway infrastructures, an upgrade of the AGL control system¹ as well as the addition of supplementary services within the substations were all part of this prestigious contract.

For minimal disruptions to the airport operations the work was to be carried out during night time closures whilst maintaining CAT III services during daytime operations. Having possession of the runway for only five hours during these closures meant work had to be swift and without delay. The challenge was taken up by our experienced engineering team² that had successfully completed a similar project at London Luton Airport only a few months before the commencement of the Bristol contract.

Light fittings were removed, mounting rings replaced, AGL transformers and cable replaced and new taxiway signs installed. atg Constant Current Regulators were then installed, coring and trenching completed, circuits tested and new light fitting installed. The AGL control system was upgraded in stages during the runway closures and prior to the hand back all systems were checked as serviceable and handed over to the airport. When working under strict time constraints and constant pressure to achieve a ‘right first time, every time’ scenario, safety and quality concerns are always in the minds of the team supervisors.

Completing a task of such magnitude in a limited time frames requires co-ordination, of not just the on site project team, but a supporting team based at head office in Warrington. This was only achievable due to team work and co-operation between all parties. This prestigious project was delivered on time and on budget.