Apron Manoeuvring Light | IR852ML
Product Description

The IR852ML is an omnidirectional Fully Flush LED inset light fixture that is used to guide aircraft on to the parking stand.  The light is available in two versions either Yellow, or Red. The yellow version indicates the route of the aircraft to the pilot onto the stand area, while the single red version is placed at the end of the route.

The design of the light is compact and there is no element of the fixture above grade; the unit is fully flush with the surface. This design ensures that the light does not become damaged when aircraft tugs are used to pushback planes that are on stand. Castings are anodised and all fixings are manufactured from stainless steel, thus component life cycle is dramatically extended. Installation into the ground is achieved by the use of a standard IEC 8” seating pot.

The light can be powered from a 240/120v AC supply, a 24v supply from local apron services,  or conventionally by a 6.6amps AGL supply.  Earth connections on the fixture are available.

Using the 6.6 amp Iris power supply, the LED light follows the same light intensity curve as a corresponding halogen lamps at different intensity levels, so meets the EB67 from this perspective. Also, the electronics allow the light to be switched and monitored to allow for stand routing and any failures to be reported back to the AGL control system. The electronics also incorporates an inbuilt over-voltage surge protection circuit.

Compliant with the following Standards

  • ICAO annex 14 Vol 1
  • FAA 150/5345-46
  • FAA Engineering brief No 67
  • IEC61827
  • EASA

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