There are many different applications that are required for taxiway services to ensure movement around the airfield can be done safely.

Blue taxiway edge lighting fixtures are used usually on curves or open areas such as aprons. However, for aircraft navigate around the taxiway infrastructure, green center line lighting is installed and if required, can be individually controlled by A-SMGCS system.

At critical points on the taxiway, Stop Bar Lights reinforce the air traffic control clearance to cross or enter a runways especially in low visibility situations. These in-pavement lights are steady red and extend across the taxiway usually at a runway entrance. Once a pilot is cleared onto the runway, the stop bar lights will be selected off by the ATC and control of the lights can either be achieved by a switchable transformer device or be deselecting the CCR.

Runway Guard Lights are a of pair of two steady yellow lights that are positioned at each side of the taxiway at the hold short line, the runway guard lights are meant to draw attention to the hold short line – the area where a taxiway meets the runway.