Medium Intensity Elevated runway guard lights for use at taxiway/runway intersections to avoid incursion onto an active taxiway/runway, as required by the standards (CAP 168 ICAO 5.3.20).

The ZA389 RGL can be supplied for application as part of either an Airfield Constant Current (2.8 – 6.6A supply) using a 45W isolating transformer, a 110V AC mains supply or a 220V AC mains supply.


Product Information


  • LED light source for exceptionally long life
  • LED light source complies with ICAO photometric requirements, flashing at 45 cycles per minute.
  • No planned maintenance is required for the life of the unit, however, access for inspection purposes only to the LED arrays and wiring harness is achieved very simply through the LED mounting at the front of the unit
  • The LED module is double protected against environmental degradation
  • The unit can be adjusted from 0° to 20° vertically and locked by means of the mounting support brackets. For non-frangible arrangements, these support brackets can be bolted directly on to a concrete plinth, using M12 studs and nuts
  • All fasteners are stainless steel
  • The robust yellow polyethylene housing is highly visible

Photometric performance

  • Yellow ZA389L
  • Main Ellipse Intensity Measurements (Candelas)
  • Average 652 cds
  • Maximum Intensity 751 cds
  • ICAO Minimum Intensity 300 cds
  • Minimum Intensity 546 cds
  • Supply Voltage 240/120
  •  Volts AC/6.6 Amp
  •  Standards ICAO Annex 14 fig 2.21 Lamp Type LED Cluster

Compliant to Latest Standards

  • CAA CAP168, Licensing of Aerodromes, Chapter 6, Fig.6A.20 Low Intensity Runway
  • ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1, Chapter 5.3.20, config. A, Fig. 2.24

Product Data Sheet

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