Suitable for non-instrument runways or non-precision approach runways, our range of medium intensity airfield lighting has a wide range of potential applications depending on the requirements of your airfield.

Correct use of medium intensity lighting will form a vital part of any airfield lighting system, this is something our experienced team of AGL specialists will be able to help you with. Comprehensive discussions will enable a bespoke approach to your project and ensure you receive a system which meets your precise requirements. Our aftercare service also means you’ll be able to move forward in complete confidence once the project is complete.

View our range of medium intensity airfield lighting below or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Runway Edge Lighting

Threshold / End Lighting

Threshold Lighting

Runway End Lighting

Outer Threshold Lighting

Intermediate Holding Position / Clearance Bar

Medium Intensity Lighting Applications

Runway edge lighting

We offer medium intensity omni-directional and bi-directional runway edge lighting. These lights are positioned along or just beyond the edge of the runway.

Omni-directional runway lights are white subject to specific exceptions and can be either inset or elevated.

Bi-directional runway lights, on the other hand, is inset into the pavement. There is no circular guidance aspect to this type of lighting, meaning they can only be seen when in-line with the runway.

Each airport has differing requirements for their runway edge lighting – a discussion of each type will enable you to make the best decision possible for your needs.

Threshold lights

These lights are installed in a line along the landing threshold at the approach end of the runway and are only visible on approach. Threshold lights are green and can either be elevated or inset fixtures.

Runway end lights

Installed along the end of the runway available in-use, these red lights mark the end of the runway and can typically only be seen from either end of it. Runway end lights are typically powered from the runway edge circuit and can either be elevated or inset fittings.

Runway threshold/end lights

These lights combine runway end lights and threshold lights into a single fixture. They’re green in one direction and red in other and can make your light installation much more efficient.

Intermediate holding position

Provided at airports where there are intersecting taxiways without any taxiway guidance system. Holding positions, also referred to as clearance bars, may be established in order to protect a priority taxiway route ahead. For medium intensity requirements the fixtures are generally installed at the edge of the taxiway, on both sides of the holding position.


All fixtures for medium intensity lights are powered by a 6.6amp circuit supplied by a constant current regulator. A simple control system can be used to operate the lighting, but it is commonly linked to an ARCAL system so pilots can activate the lighting when on approach.

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