The next challenge?

With the emergence of new market regions, and diverse areas of operations, the business needs to be aligned and shaped so that it can continue to grow without affecting already established areas.

How do you see this being achieved?

In planning to support these new opportunities, it is necessary to concentrate our resources where they are best needed. We have started a process to centralise different aspects of the business in order to offer better service and support, to our expanding list of clients. Product development, manufacture, testing, processing and shipping will all be located at our head office in Warrington. Support of our North and South American customers will be facilitated through our USA office. Our premises, located in Rugby, will become a dedicated facility for our engineering team. Here, design and development of Smartcontrol system will continue and support for new and existing systems, will all be managed from this location.
Our Global installation services continue to expand and will remain being managed from our Warrington office. Our team of dedicated project managers do have centralised facilities within the head office and we have regional offices strategically placed to support our international projects.

Any final comments?

Naturally, structuring our business to accommodate industry changes and our continued growth in the global market has its own unique challenges but having a strong and technically competent team helps the process. Having operated in the market place for over 25 years we at ATG Airports have to accept that change is necessary for us to be prepared for the next challenge.   Who would have expected LED’s to light our runways all those years ago?