SmartControl offers full real time individual lamp control and monitoring via a multi-drop serial link, with each Lamp Monitoring & Switching Unit (LMSU) being assigned a unique address. Lamp monitoring includes detection of open and short circuit conditions of the LED fitting, and RMS current measurements of the supply to the fitting.

Product Information

The Lamp Monitoring & Switching Unit is an enhanced development from the standard (Tungsten-Halogen) SmartSwitch, but is optimised for the control of LED light fittings to ensure reliable turn-off of all types of LED fitting. Both types of SmartSwitch is connect between the AGL transformer secondary and the fixture; when the lamp is commanded to ’ON’ the transformer output current passes directly to the lamp, and when commanded to ‘OFF’, an electronic switch shorts out the supply from the (current) transformer secondary, thus removing power from the lamp.

Both variants of SmartSwitch are used as components of the ATGAIRPORTS SmartControl system, which provides all the necessary software and operator interfaces to control and monitor the SmartSwitches.

The LMSU can be configured to operate in one of three different modes:

Standard LED SmartSwitch – designed to switch an associated fixture ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. It also monitors and reports LED status and supply current.

Flashing LED SmartSwitch – designed for use with inset flashing runway guard lights.  The Flashing LMSU can operate as part of a group of  to achieve an accurate, synchronised flash by means of a master/slave configuration.

LED SmartSwitch Monitor  – designed to monitor the condition of a volt-free contact, with the monitor unit providing an indication when the contact is either open or closed.  A typical application of the LED SmartSwitch Monitor would be communicating inductive loop information (aircraft in vicinity) to the AGL control system.

The LMSU communicates with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via a multi-drop serial link. Each link can accommodate up to 200 SmartSwitch Units.

The SmartSwitch Repeater permits networks with longer distances and split data links to be installed. A repeater is recommended for every 1 km of communications cable. Power for the SmartSwitch Repeater is also derived from the Primary Series Loop and via a standard isolating transformer

Compliant to Latest Standards

  • ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1
  • FAA AC150 5345 46†
  • FAA Engineering Brief 67†
  • IEC61827
  • EASA Stannag 3316 (NATO)

†    Electrical/Mechanical/Environmental characteristics only

Product Data Sheet

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