Smart Control is an airfield lighting monitoring system that can cater for all airport requirements, from a simple CAT I system up to a CAT IIIb A-SMGCS requirement.

Smart Control provides a complete airfield lighting monitoring system solution for guiding aircraft using the safest and quickest method around the airfield, resulting in increased efficiency for the airport.

Quantas airplane

Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring Devices

Smart Lamp Control & Monitor (LED)


Smart Monitor


Isolating Transformer Switching Units

Transformer Switching Unit (LED - Single)

Transformer Switching Unit (TH - Single)

Transformer Switching Unit (LED - Dual)

System Standardisation

The SmartControl system is modular in design and has been developed to be expandable and include tools necessary for configuration of the system database and the operator screens.  The incorporation of a configuration database within the airfield lighting monitoring system makes SmartControl a leading-edge product.

SmartControl is a standard product, which means that the core software is identical from airport to airport and the main input is for configuration of the database and production of the user screens. This concept ensures that the control system is highly reliable.

The standard architecture includes multiple redundant workstations, substation PLCs, and safety critical software. The flexibility of the airfield lighting monitoring system combined with extensive experience on airports world-wide guarantees the ability to achieve this.

Overview of features

SmartControl includes the following features:

  • Control and monitoring across a full range of CCR functionality via hardware, PROFIBUS, dual PROFIBUS or Ethernet
  • Provides conventional desk or touchscreen operation with remote brilliancy selection and control
  • Clear, easy to understand human machine interface
  • Switching and monitoring of tungsten halogen and LED lighting
  • Supports multiple runway control, runway end selection and taxiway to runway conversion
  • Provides full SMGCS routing
  • Runway stop bar control and monitoring
  • Runway incursion detection via inductive loops
  • Automatic Lead-On switching in accordance with FAA practice
  • Full taxiway guidance with full “follow the green” implementation
  • Adjacent lamp failure detection
  • Monitoring, analysis, and logging of AGL performance for maintenance activities
  • Remote support from atg airports engineering team via secure modem

Ethernet Hubs and the Communications Backbone

The communications backbone is based on a TCP/IP 100M LAN network.  This Industrial Ethernet equipment provides the connection to the workstations and PLC’s. In the simplest configuration, the network provides a link from the VCR to the CCR room.

In multi-location configuration, the network equipment provides a self-healing ring functionality for multiple redundant architectures.


The AGL Control System is be based on the extensive SmartControl functionality. This includes all the features necessary for the control of runway and taxiway lighting through pre-set selections or by individual control.

Standard functionality is provided that some of the following

  • On screen airfield mimic layout
  • Preset brilliancy control for Approach and Runway services
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Generator controls
  • AGL auxiliary controls

In an evolving world, the needs for an airport are constantly changing; reliability, configurability, peace of mind, flexibility and support is key when investing in hardware systems. SmartControl offers this!

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