The end of halogen lamps spells brighter and cleaner future ???

Halogen lamps are due to be banned from September 2021 with fluorescent lamps soon to follow, all with the drive to cut emissions and reduce energy consumption.

The UK Government has recently issued a press release outlining the impact of upcoming new lighting regulations, and the current availability of products within the UK lighting industry. The UK legislation, due for publication in the summer, reflects that also applying to the EU and relates to the “placing on the market” of products, which allows products in stock at manufacturers and retailers to be continued to be sold until stocks are consumed. It is not an instant sales ban. This proposed legislation applies from 1st September and is expected to have a one-month transition period.

There are several exemptions in the regulations in particular for special purpose lamps. To clarify what special purpose lamps might be exempt, contacted has been made with the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to ask for assistance, in order that we can provide customers and end-users with a definitive list of which lamps will be affected and which lamps for special purposes might be exempt. The Department has responded and has provided further information on this and included a link to the current detailed draft legislation. It confirms that halogen lamps for airfield ground lighting applications are exempt. However, it must be noted that as of August 2021 this regulation is only in ‘draft’ form.

As an airfield lighting spares supplier for all lighting applications, atg airports in conjunction with its many suppliers is committed to assisting its clients, with any updates on the UK lighting market developments. ATG airports will continue to regularly monitor the situation and will advise accordingly on any changes that may occur.

Meanwhile as the summers starts to fade and day time begins to shorten, there will indeed, be a need to have your runways and taxiways illuminated for longer periods. Don’t get caught out, ensure you have ample of spares available. Any spares requirements can be sourced directly with our sales team – click here for further information.