Until the mid-1980’s the runway at Donegal in the northwest of Ireland was a grass landing strip. This was subsequently replaced with a hard surface runway, and operations started to take off in 1986. Since then the airport has expanded and to aid this grow the runway was extended in the 1990’s to a length of 1500mts, and new terminal facilities were added to the infrastructure.

Not only has this airport put Donegal on the map, it has also been voted on several occasions as one of the most scenic airports in the world, and for those who have been there will have experienced the majestic landscapes.

To safeguard the airport’s growth, and also to meet present day challenges with regards to becoming more environmentally friendly, the airport has committed to invest in more sustainable systems. One area of focus has been the runway lighting system and associated equipment. Having been through a tender process to evaluate not just cost, but a return on investment, atg airports were selected as the supplier and installer of an new airfield ground  lighting system. This project will see the currently installed tungsten halogen fixtures replaced with LED lighting from the FX range of fixtures which are manufactured in the United Kingdom. The equipment will be will be installed by atg airports in house turnkey solutions project team.

Paul McGuinness the Commercial, and Business Development Director of atg airports, commented “We are very pleased to continue our long standing association with Donegal Airport. We were selected as the contractor of choice back in 2011 and to be chosen once again to move the airport forward into the next generation of airfield ground lighting (AGL) with our FX range of LED lighting, is something we are immensely proud of.”

The project is due to commence in November and will include approach lighting, threshold lighting, stopbars, runway edge and end lighting, taxiway edge lighting, and LED PAPI systems.