The engineering team have been focused on delivering significant projects at Heathrow and Dublin airports, but they have also been supporting  other airports. The atg airports Sonnis control system at Farnborough Airport has been successfully operating since 1999 when it was first commissioned. Since then there has been several changes to the system configuration but it will now benefit from new soft mimics in the visual control room, which have replaced the pushbutton mimic panels. The engineering department will also have new SCADA equipment with the latest software packages, this will include refreshed graphical displays, and additional functionality.

RAF ST Athan has played a vital role in aircraft maintenance and training since the airfield’s official opening on 1 September 1938. Recently the role of the airfield has changed and it is now focused on becoming an Airport Aerospace Enterprise Zone. This change in operations requires modification to the existing military systems and dictates a change in the criteria for compliance with Civil Aviation rules. Atg airports have been contracted to design and implement changes to the runway lighting control system involving the provision ­­­­­of a passive mimic panel and conversion of the existing modular control system (MCS) to full Mk4 standard. One of the advantages of the Mk4 upgrade  is that it facilitates the enhanced  control of constant current regulators (CCR’s) for the taxiway circuits thus providing an additional level of brilliancies for these services.