Over the past few months atg airports has been in discussions, with a successful outcome, to supply AGL products in support of a United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF) runway refurbishment project. With airports now looking to be more energy efficient, LED lighting is beginning to be the number one choice when making AGL installations for new services, or for taxiway and runway refurbishments. This project is no exception, as all products to be supplied will be utilising the latest LED technology.

Taxiway and Mandatory signs from the IR858I range will be supplied along with the Clearway style illuminated runway distance markers (IRDM). LED runway guard lights, runway edge, approach lighting and Papi systems, will also be supplied and installed. To enable the AGL lighting to be switched from the main operating position in the tower, a touch pad control system will be configured to the user requirements and commissioned. New obstruction lighting has also been taken into consideration, and this will also be dispatched along with the other products.