AGL SmartControl for RAF Lakenheath

atg SmartControl system upgrade

Situated close to Lakenheath, Suffolk, RAF Lakenheath whilst being owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), operates as one of only two, United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE) bases in the UK.

atg airports’s long running association with the MoD continued at RAF Lakenheath, who called upon atg’s expertise to modify the existing airfield lighting control system and manufacture and install replacement CCR’s. Whilst initially being planned as separate contracts, atg decided ATG to value engineer the solution to provide costs savings and improved CCR technology for future LED upgrades. These costs savings were generated by the reducing the number of CCR’s required on the airfield, with longer term cost savings being generated by upgrading the CCR to Micro 200 units, which are more efficient when running at reduced load and brilliancy.

RAF Lakenheath upgraded to the atg SmartControl system for their airfield lighting control system touch screen control in both the tower and maintenance screens as well as utilising a new fibre-optic ring to provide state-of-the-art communications and improved reliability for the system. atg airports’ electrical projects team were also utilised as part of the project, calling for a new pit and duct system to be installed, replacement of the existing TMSE’s with the new CCR’s as well as rewiring of the airfields four existing substations.


RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom
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