Antalya International Airport – Control system expansion

“As the airport expands the control system has the capability to expand and meet the all new requirements of the future”

Knowing the masterplan for the airport at concept this statement was emphasised when the control system in Antalya airport was initially installed. Over a period in excess of ten years, the system has evolved significantly. With an initial simple lighting system, the investment by the airport of new CAT III runway, taxiway centreline routes, all added to the complexity of the AGL control system. Today the airport is seeing increasingly high traffic growth, hitting new records every year. To aid the flow of traffic from terminal to runways, new taxiway routes and taxiway junctions, have been constructed.

The new routes entailed further modifications to the ALCMS soft mimics and hardware. However, to take advantage of the project requirements, the contract was extended to include for the replacement of the ageing hardware which will help extend the life of the system. This included, new touch screens in the tower operating positions, local terminals in all the substations, and new maintenance facility in the engineering room.

The new Micro100 Constant Current Regulators (CCR’s) being installed to power the additional circuits, employ dual redundant profibus interface which therefore requires the existing network to be extended in each of the substations. Software modification to control each application, taxiway routes and stobars, were coded and uploaded. The graphical representation of the airfield layout was amended to reflect the new taxiway layout, along with the new hardware being included on substation diagrams.

The ability of the SCADA to display either English or Turkish language was extremely useful when the site acceptance test was conducted. Both atg engineers and DHMI staff could work alongside each other and understand the lighting status.

This is another successful handover of a project to a client who is already discussing future changes that will be necessary, when once again the airfield control system will be called upon to expand further to meet these requirements.


Antalya, Turkey
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