Runway Guard Light - ZA389L | L-804
Product Description

Medium Intensity Elevated runway guard lights for use at taxiway/runway intersections to avoid incursion onto an active taxiway/runway, as required by the standards (CAP 168 ICAO 5.3.20).

The ZA389 RGL can be supplied for application as part of either an Airfield Constant Current (2.8 – 6.6A supply) using a 45W isolating transformer, a 110V AC mains supply or a 220V AC mains supply.

Certified to Latest Standards

  • CAA CAP168, Licensing of Aerodromes, Chapter 6, Fig.6A.20 Low Intensity Runway
  • ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1, Chapter 5.3.20, config. A, Fig. 2.24

Product Data Sheet

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