PSA Inset Runway Centreline & TDZ - ZA181 PSA | L-850
Product Description

Inset Runway centreline or touchdown zone fitting for use in category I, II & III all weather operation airfield lighting systems. Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from one 100W/150W or two 45W/65W series circuit isolatingtransformers.

Certified to Latest Standards

  • FAA In compliance with FAA L-850A & B, specifications AC 150/5345-46D
  • ICAO In compliance with ICAO Annex 14, figs 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 & 2.8
  • NATO In compliance with STANAG 3316
  • CAA CAP168, figs 6A/5, 6A/6 & 6A/7
  • BS3224 Part 5, inset fittings
  • IEC 61827
  • EASA U10, U11

Product Data Sheet

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