Smart Triggered Runway Incursion Detection Equipment (STRIDE)

The STRIDE system is designed to detect unauthorised entry of vehicles into the runway area when the adjacent stopbar is commanded to ‘on’ status.  This is achieved by two sets of Microwave Detection Barriers (MDB) placed after the stopbar or hold position at an appropriate distance. The MDB, consists of a Transmitter and Receiver that radiates an amplitude modulated signal that travels to the receiver where it is detected and processed.

While the stopbar is selected ‘on’ and should the beam between the two MDB positions be broken, a ‘Runway Incursion’ alarm within the ATC is immediately activated. The system can indicate in which direction the vehicle is moving and automatically switch other services to a fail ‘safe’ condition if not already selected.

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Within the logic of STRIDE, the system can also identify a correct ‘lead on’ of aircraft and vehicles when the stopbar is selected to the ‘off’ position ie dropped. This functionality can also automatically raise the stopbar after a predetermined time or when the beams that are broken by the moving vehicle are re-established. 

SRIDE will also detect a vehicle or aircraft leading off the runway and not trigger any alarms, if this is interpreted as a correct vehicle movement, or known ‘lead off’.

Should a vehicle moving between two MBD’s either onto, or off the protected area, stop between the two microwave beams, this will also be flagged as an incursion, and again will raise an alarm in the ATC.

STRIDE has been developed to be an integral part of the SMARTCONTROL system, however it can also operate as a standalone system, or interface into other control and monitoring systems.

While STRIDE is used as a monitoring service for incursions into the runways and protected areas, it can also be configured and used to automatically switch services ‘on’ or ‘off’ upon detection of moving vehicles, such as taxiways centreline circuits. 

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