Isolating transformer are used to supply the current in the AGL circuit and to provide a separation point between the primary and secondary circuits.

Product Information

This series of toroidal transformer has a special design offering very low leakage inductance on top of the common features, which support single lamp control and more advanced control and monitoring requirements. This series of transformers are energy efficient transformers due to toroidal core and low leakage design. Transformers are certified by FAA and approved by IEC and several other national standards.

The transformers can be supplied with or without earthing. The earthing is connected to the end of the secondary winding in the side of the larger socket. This means that the thicker pin is grounded to the secondary side.

A full range of transformers is available from 10 watts to 500 watts rated at 6.6A/6.6A. Other current capacities are available upon request including 6A, 12A.

Product Data Sheet

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