The distinguishing feature of the RE LED PAPI unit is the modular design which facilitates maintenance by simple replacement of pre-aligned projectors and enables two or three units to be offered, using the same basic projector on different bases.

The individual projector comprises of a precision optical assembly consisting of a machined aluminium channel supporting the high intensity LED’s producing the required light output.  These elements are mounted in a rigid sheet aluminium housing with a sealed removable cover.  The complete projector is easily detachable from the base frame, secured by three quarter-turn Dzus fasteners.


RE880L – LED Modular PAPI System

Product Information

The base frame is a rigid stabilised machined aluminium plate provided with mounting pads for the projectors and datum pads for the clinometer.  Three mounting lugs are provided, one at each side at the front and one centrally at the rear.

The support pillar assemblies provide a rigid but frangible mounting for the unit up to a maximum height of 1 metre.  Pillars are supplied at a standard length to be cut on site so that the unit is at the required height.

Pre-alignment of the optical components of a projector is facilitated by the use of an optical alignment bench. Routine checking of the elevation angles and levelling is by means of a precision clinometer provided with the equipment.

Each individual channel is connected to a standard series circuit via an isolating transformer powered by a standard constant current regulators (CCR). We would recommend that a sinewave output unit such as the Micro200 be connected to this equipment which would generally be a 5-step CCR (2.8 to 6.6)

RE PAPI units already installed?

The individual light modules used on the RE PAPI tungsten halogen version can be replaced with the RE LED PAPI channel. There is no requirement to change the base frame that is already installed, but the isolating transformer should be replaced to match the reduced load.

Compliant to Latest Standards

  • CASA MOS Part 139
  • ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1
  • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

Product Data Sheet

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