The atg airports developed Series Circuit Cut-Out Switch, enables the airfield ground lighting field series circuits to be safely disconnected, isolated and earthed by the simple rotation of the connector lid without exposing the user to high voltages. These cut-out switches can be supplied as a stand alone piece of equipment that can be wall mounted; but it is becoming a common practice to have them installed internally  within the constant current regulator (CCR) which could be either a Micro100, Micro200. Alternatively a suit of S1 Series cut out switches (SCO) can be supplied in a cable termination panel. The Cut-out switch also has the facility for a digital insulation / mega tester to be connected, enabling easy measurements of the field circuits during routine maintenance testing.

The Series circuit cut-out switch is designed to be used on circuits powered by Constant Current Regulators, where Transformer mains supply (electronic), TMSE’s are used please contact atg airports for alternative solution.

Compliant to Latest Standards

  • IEC 61822:2009
  • ICAO Doc 9157 Aerodrome Design Manual Part 5
  • AENA DIN/DSEYN/PPT/002-05-13

Product Data Sheet

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