The Sonnis control system which is a type of SMGCS, has been developed to the highest specification in terms of quality and reliability, some benefits of Sonnis control is its accessibility and simplicity after its installation has been completed.

An integrated control system

Sonnis control has been developed using global industry standard, high-class Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) equipment suitable for Non-Precision, CAT I, II and III operations.

A modular, expandable software database, has been designed as a platform for every control system brought into service. By utilising industry standard interfaces, the Sonnis control system can integrate with third party equipment and offer the freedom for you the client to make decisions based upon the specific needs of the airport.

Quantas airplane

Airfield lighting range


Transformer Switching Unit (LED – Single)


Transformer Switching Unit (LED – Dual)

Functions and features tailored to your requirements

The Sonnis airfield control system is available with a range of functions and features, designed upon the specific airport requirements including traffic volume, the category of operation, airport size and local weather conditions. These features include some of the following:

  • Monitoring the status of CCR’s and various substation equipment including electrical generators, traffic light controllers, airfield identification beacons and wig wags
  • Lamp monitoring and adjacent lamp failure detection
  • Runway Intrusion Detection
  • Automatic route selection for pilot visual guidance
  • Stop bar control
  • Event recording for analysis of circuit performance
  • Touch screen or push button mimic interface in the ATC
  • Maintenance Terminal
  • Hot Standby and Redundancy Systems Available.

The ever-increasing pace at which airports are expanding calls for regular updates to the airfield and its relevant systems. The simplicity at which system expansion can be completed is a feature that makes the Sonnis system an important part of many airports around the world. As a result of the arrangement of the Sonnis database, changes to the system can be made with confidence by the user. Additions such as extra circuits, CCR’s or complete runway or taxiway routes can be added by maintenance staff without the need for any changes to the core system software.

The Sonnis system exceeds industry standards in meeting your exact needs. If you are interested in this airfield control system, speak to a member of the team today. Call us on 01942 685555 or fill in our enquiry form, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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