With decades of experience, atg airports supply a comprehensive range of Solutions & Systems for airfield operators, including runway and taxiway lighting, airfield control and monitoring systems, signage, constant current regulators, and many supplementary products.

Our range of products and services include:

Also, with an ‘in house’ Turnkey Projects team providing project services from design to implementation a complete solution for any airfield can be found here.

You can find more details below, or contact us to make an enquiry, and we can help you to find what you need.

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Airfield lighting range

Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions help improve airfield visibility in poor weather conditions and at night.

Airfield Control Systems

Airfield control systems enable you to monitor and control the lighting across your airfield.

Constant Current Regulators

Constant Current Regulators ensure that your airfield has strong and consistent power quality.


Airfield Signs

See our comprehensive range of airfield guidance signs used by clients all over the world.

AGL Installation Services

For turnkey projects our AGL Installation Services provide supply and installation of your airfield ground lighting.

Supplementary Products

For all other products see our extensive range of Supplementary Products.

LED & Tungsten Halogen Lighting Solutions

Now that LED has become the number one choice for airfield lighting, all applications are currently available in the ‘FX’ range of fixtures. These LED lighting solutions, offer a more energy efficient and reliable solution for airfield applications while requiring minimal maintenance to ensure the products meets the specific standards.

Tungsten halogen lighting for runway and taxiways are still in use at many airfields and despite LED being the prime choice, halogen fixtures continue to be manufactured and installed. Halogen fixtures are available for all applications and dependant on location the fixtures can be supplied with different options, such as type of beam, colour, and direction of light output.

Airfield Control and Monitoring Systems

Airfield control systems allow for the monitoring and controlling of many different equipments employed across the airfield including, Constant Current Regulators (CCRs), circuit selector switches, generators, and this can also be extended to individual lamps. Individually configured to meet the airports requirements the system can be either a basic On/Offsolutions or expanded to switch individual lamps, providing routing for aircraft, directing them the safest and quickest way around the airfield resulting in an increased efficiency for aircraft movement.

Airfield Taxiway Guidance Signs

There is a need to have clear guidance signage to supplement the instructions provided to pilots and users of the taxiway systems; there is no substitute for a final visual confirmation of a clearly visible sign. Airfield signs offer a clear indication as to the location, direction and name of taxiway routes. Other signage can provide additional visual information to pilots such as ‘Take-Off Runway distance Available’ and ILS region.

ATG Airports supply a variety of airfield signage including:

  • Taxiway information Guidance Signs
  • Taxiway Mandatory Signs
  • RHAG Markers
  • Runway Distance Markers
  • Stand Number Indicator Boards

Our airfield signage complies with international regulations, and we can work with you to ensure that you only install products that meet your country’s specifications.

All mandatory signs are red, while information signs are yellow with black lettering. Again, we can ensure that you receive industry standard products, which you can install across your airfield with confidence.

We also offer an Airfield Guidance Signs Configuration tool where you can draw your own sign requirement making it easier communicating your requirements. This tool is available through this website.

Constant Current Regulators

Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) are part of atg airports Airfield Power Solutions service. With two types of CCR’s being manufactured, both using state-of-the-art electronics to monitor and maintain a power output, suitable for an AGL circuit. While the traditional CCR using a thyristor is still in common use, a more sophisticated unit producing a sinusoidal waveform to power the circuit is available. Both types of CCR’s are designed to work with either tungsten halogen, or LED fixtures.

AGL Installation Services

For turnkey project delivery, use our AGL Installation Services and we will supply and install your airfield ground lighting, to ensure everything is fully working from day one.

Our ‘in-house’ experts can ensure that lighting applications are aligned correctly, ensuring that a full compliant system is handed over in line with the desired design. Health and safety is at the forefront of our mind at all times, with forward planning to anticipate any site access issues, environmental impacts and hazard analysis.

A wealth of experience means we know the potential hazards that may impact a project but also are able to manage situation to keep things safe and on track. Being members of recognised organisations such as ‘Safe Contractor’ ensure that our team are informed about new practises keeping them and others safe, while working in such potentially hazardous environments.   

Supplementary Products

To complement our product portfolio and to ensure that we can deliver you a full solution, we offer an extensive range of supplementary products including:

  • AGL Cable
  • Isolating Transformers
  • Obstruction Lighting
  • Portable Lighting
  • Spare Parts
  • Taxiway Edge Markers
  • Windsocks

For more information about any of these, or any other airfield products you would like to ask us about, please contact us directly and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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