Apron Lighting System Installation for London Luton Airport

Energy & cost saving installation upgrades

Working closely with the airport and suppliers atg airports installed a new apron lighting system using the existing masts which would comply with the EASA requirements for Apron Floodlighting.

There is a greater need for solutions that provide energy savings in full compliance with EASA regulations. Traditional lighting installations that use High Pressure Sodium (HPS) are costly to maintain, energy intensive and often fail to comply with anti light pollution regulations.

LED technology for high mast lighting is a new development in the field of solid state lighting (SSL). High power lights generate a significant amount of heat which can damage the LEDs and reduce life-time and performance. Solving this challenge is central to building a high-quality product.

Key Advantages

Health and safety
Required by law, good lighting is essential to the health, safety and general comfort of staff and passengers. The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the higher the likelihood of avoiding it.

Lower energy consumption LED’s
Offer the lowest possible running costs, whereas with other forms of lighting much more energy is wasted generating heat.

Superior quality illumination
The even spread of light, no dark or bright spots, and better targeting.

Longer product life and reliability
Up to 100,000 hours.

Instant start
No warm up time for full light output.

Suitable for challenging environments
Products are weatherhardened, hot and cold climate tolerant, vandal resistant.



Luton, United Kingdom
Download PDF: Case Study