CCRs to BAA Airports

The position of BAA at the forefront of the British aviation industry is unquestionable and, in order to maintain this standing, only the most innovative technologies are considered for their sites. The widespread presence of atg airports’ products across all BAA airports is testament to the quality of the entire product portfolio; with the Micro 100 CCR comprising a significant part of each and every BAA site.

Heathrow was the first airport to install the Micro 100 on site, with Aberdeen and Stansted following suit in the forthcoming years. All BAA sites have since taken delivery of Micro 100 CCR’s. All of the airports have been impressed with many of the features of the cabinet, including its minimal footprint and the position of the cooling vents which allow for the cabinets to be arranged side by side, all of which help to reduce space considerations for the CCR’s.