Antalya Airport


Growth in aviation

The Turkish aviation sector has grown over 11% in the past 12 months surpassing records set in 2015. Istanbul accounts for 50% of the traffic but Antalya Airport is leading the net passenger growth with most of its passengers originating from many European countries heading for the holiday resorts.

New Taxiway Routes

The airport has three runways, two international terminals and an additional terminal dedicated to domestic flights. The taxiing time to and from threshold ends, depending on the runway and heading in use can be substantial, and therefore the DHMI has awarded a contract help improve  this situation. Part of the contract included for additional taxiway routes to be constructed which will help reduce taxiing time and also allow additional aircraft movements during peak operating periods.

The Project

Having supplied much of the airfield ground lighting equipment on previous projects at this airport, atg airports were prime choice for the contractor to work with on this project. The start date was delayed which meant that the delivery period for the equipment was tight as the completion date remained the same. There is a substantial increase in aircraft movements when the holiday season is at its height, so it was imperative that all works were completed before this time. To further complicate matters, during the construction phase an airshow was also programmed, which meant careful planning of the equipment delivery program, and installation works was necessary to ensure certain taxiway routes were available at this time.

Equipment supplied:


Antalya, Turkey
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