AGL Turnkey Solution for East Midlands Airport

The East Midlands Airport project required the rehabilitation of the airport’s 09-27 runway. The main element of the works involved removing the existing asphalt pavement and resurfacing the runway and taxiway tie-ins along with the replacement of the Airfield ground lighting in these areas with 1,200 new LED fixtures and their associated equipment.

Due to the extensive operations and aircraft movements of the airport, it was imperative that the runway could not be closed for a lengthy period. So, for the first time in the UK, a commercial airport had implemented a complete shutdown across multiple weekends to allow these large scale works to be completed. A complete closure of the runway and taxiways was granted and the works would be undertaken during day, and night shifts, across 7 consecutive weekends.

Prior to any movement pre-shift briefings with all parties ensured that everyone understood the requirements and constraints in place. Site plans were reviewed showing the various work locations, and restricted areas for the upcoming shift. Any issues identified at the time were addressed prior to taking possession of the runway. To ensure the strict deadlines could be met, continuous communication between main contractors, airport teams, and other contractors was essential in highlighting any issues that could potentially cause delays.

To ensure smooth running of this project the installation teams, had to prepare in advance all the equipment that was needed to be used for each shift, in accordance with the works that were scheduled. The materials that were required had to be readily available, so special co-ordination with the supply chain and procurement had to be imposed ensuring all services could be reinstated on completion of each shift.

The continued operation of the runway, outside of the possession periods, was essential for the airport. It was therefore a key objective that all critical runway and taxiway lights were reinstated at the end of each closure period.  Close co-operation with the airport operations and engineering teams along with the main contractors ensured all required works that were needed to be completed, were operational at the handover deadlines.


East Midlands, United Kingdom
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