Inset Runway Centreline | FX850A & L-850A (L)
Product Description

The FX850A, runway centreline application L-850A(L), part of a complete range of LED fixtures for runway and taxiway lighting systems. This application is high intensity, Bi-directional, uni-directional, Clear(white) / Red light source, suitable for CAT II/III operations.

The use of the latest LED technology ensures the optimisation of power consumption is kept to a minimum, therefore the running temperature is lower, thus improving the life time of the LED module which is calculated to be greater than 60,000 hours.

The fixture is 4.0mm above grade, meeting the FAA style 3 and ICAO style 4 protrusion requirements which specifies fixtures to be ≤6.3 mm. The low protrusion of the fixture helps prevent damage to the light during runway cleaning operations, especially in winter conditions. It also helps provide a better ride to the aircraft, by helping to reduce vibrations to the landing gear.

There is no negative slope on the fixture which assists in the prevention of silt, dust and water accumulating in front of the lens, ensuring minimum loss to the photometric performance.

Designed to meet the harsh environment the fixtures will operate in a temperature range of -55 °C to +55°C (-67 °F to +131°F) and has an ingress protection of IP67 (IEC 69598-1)

A standard FAA L823 style 1 connector is used to connect the fixture to the isolating transformer ensuring a water tight connection is made. On certain applications an option for an additional power lead can be requested. The fixture can be powered from either a thyristor or sinewave type constant current regulator (CCR) operating from 2.8 – 6.6 Amps on an airfield ground lighting (AGL) series circuit. A ‘fail open’ monitoring facility is available which operates, should the LED array stop working with either an open, or short circuit condition.

The fixture can be installed in an appropriate 8” IEC standard seating pot (light base) or into a 12” version with a suitable adaptor ring.

Compliant with the latest standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-46E
  • ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1
  • FAA AC 150/5345-46
  • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67
  • IEC 61827
  • EASA
  • Stannag 3316 (NATO)
  • Other standards available on request

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