LED lighting in the Mediterranean

The Royal Air Force have had an active base at Akrotiri on Cyprus since the 1950’s, helping provide joint support to British Forces Cyprus and Operations in the region.

Being an active military base in the eastern Mediterranean, means that any work carried out to the infrastructure must not only be completed on time and with the full collaboration of the Air Force command, but must not cause any operational impact on the base.

Atg airports were tasked with the planning and installation of new LED lighting system for both the runway and taxiways. Simultaneously, the lighting control system was upgraded to accommodate new services. Both substations were extended, and fitted out with new switch gear along with Micro 200 CCR’s and cable termination panels (CTP)

The specification requirement to install CAT I taxiway centerline fixtures was met by the supply and installation of the IR852J. This fixture has also been used at other military airfields, as it enables pilots to use night vision goggles while being selected on, without adverse effect on their visibility.

Success leads to success

Following the success of the original project, atg airports have also been tasked with additional works on taxiway refurbishment, requiring LED inset taxiway (IR852T) and Elevated taxiway (IR861T) edge lighting along with Clearway taxiway guidance signage.